Take the opportunity today to understand something that makes you angry.


Where do I start I hear you say. Well you know what, that means this
should be easy. If there are so many just pick one randomly. Maybe the
dustbin men make too much noise too early in the morning. Maybe your
neighbour doesn’t pick up after his dog fouls the pavement. Maybe your
boss treats you like a servant.
Whatever it is just pick one. Got one? You want that one? OK!

Now, apparently anything that makes us angry is based in fear. I know,
I know, you’re not afraid of the bin men. It’s not that kind of fear.
Let me add this, apparently any criticism of another is really a
criticism of ourselves. So, you might be angry at those bin men for
being inconsiderate in making so much noise so early – ask yourself
what you think you might be inconsiderate about. Now ask yourself if
you might be afraid to be thought of as inconsiderate – we’re not
talking shaking in our boots here, we’re talking concerned, worried or
anxious. (All of which are levels of fear.)

Ponder these ideas today and you might get to the bottom of why
something makes you angry. Once you understand it you generally find
the anger is diluted if not removed all together.




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