Take the opportunity today to try and understand something that confuses you.


I’m confused by a lot of things. Women mainly! 😉
Seriously though, I’m not really talking here about getting to grips
with Pythagoras or the stock market or how building roads reduces
inflation. I’m talking about things like why do you choose the
partners you do, or why don’t you get the promotion you deserve, or
why do you never get time to do the things you want?

When you look at those things you’ll probably find yourself going
around in circles for a while – I don’t get promoted because my boss
doesn’t like me, for example. When that happens interject the word why.
So, my boss doesn’t like me – why? It’s because he knows I can do the
job better than him – why? Because I’ve been doing this for 10 years
and know it inside out – why? (wouldn’t your boss find that
valuable)….Er, hmm. He would wouldn’t he? Now you start getting
somewhere. Now start asking why, in a more discerning way – if my boss
would find that valuable why won’t he promote me? Now you can get deep
and you’ll probably uncover some little doubt in your own mind. Some
little fear of change that stops you behaving in a way that would
convince your boss to promote you.

This is a tricky one I know, it’s going to take you some time with a
bit of peace and quiet. But you’ll find it useful if you’re prepared
to look inward for the answers rather than outward for the excuses.




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