Take the opportunity today to try and understand something that upsets you.


You’re never upset for the reason you think.’ That’s the title of
Paul and Layne Cutright’s #1 Amazon Bestselling book. It explores the
root causes of why we are upset, presupposing that what we think we’re
upset over is in actual fact a guise for something else completely.

If you find yourself getting upset over all sorts of things it’s
possible they all have the same root cause. Once you identify that,
you are well on your way to alleviating some, if not all, of the
feelings associated with it incuding: anger, hurt, defensiveness,
blame, guilt, shame, confusion etc.

If you do suffer from constant upset this exercise could seriously
improve your life. Start by asking yourself: ‘What else could I really
be getting upset about here?’ Just explore the possibility. It takes
being brutally honest with yourself, are you ready for that?




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