Take the opportunity today to be spontaneous.


For the most part most of us plan plan plan. We get up, have
breakfast, get ready for work, leave in time to get the train. Work a
full day, leave around the same time, maybe go to the shop to get
dinner supplies. Go home, cook, eat – maybe even plan to meet up with
friends. That’s good for most of the time. Planning makes us more
efficient, without it society would collapse.

But, sometimes we all need to get off the treadmill. Close the diary,
stop checking our watches and clocks, and change direction. Even if
it’s only for a couple of hours. When we do this we feel that we are
in control. We feel that we are guiding our own life. We feel like we
are ‘living’.

It’s a great feeling – so treat yourself. Be spontaneous more often,
starting with today.




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