Take the opportunity today to listen without judging.


If you think about this for a moment you’ll probably realise that a
lot of the time you’re listening to someone else you’re not actually
listening. Hearing someone and listening to someone are completely
different. Usually this is happening when you are having a
disagreement or argument. You are so focused on getting your point
across (listened to) that you don’t seriously consider what the other
person is saying. I can remember many, many times in this situation
where I was just waiting for the chance to say what I wanted to say
that I didn’t even care what the other person’s point was.

If this sounds familiar to you – and I’m sure it does, then consider
‘listening’ today. Understand what the other person’s point or
frustration is. Really see it from their shoes, then see how that
makes you feel and think. Your response will be more authentic,
understanding, compassionate and meaningful.

This doesn’t however mean you have to agree with the other person. At
the end of the discussion you can calmly acknowledge their standpoint
and agree to disagree.




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