Take the opportunity today to admit something about yourself to yourself.


Hmm, this will be interesting. This is going to take a little bit of
self analysis for most of us. Maybe you are very aware of some things
about yourself already, in which case I challenge you to look a little
deeper and figure out why you’re like that. For the rest of us, ponder
it during the day. Maybe you’ll admit that you’re angry about
something. Maybe you’ll admit you’re disappoinnted about something or
lazy. There really are an infinite amount of things that we could
admit to ourselves about who and what we are.

However, remember these things can be positive aswell as negative. We
all find it easy to be self critical, which is our way of recognising
our shortcomings so we can deal with them – hopefully. Some of you are
in this state far too often on the other hand and could well do with
admitting something very positive about yourself. Maybe you can admit
that you are very generous. Maybe you are incredibly loyal and honest
and trustworthy. If this is you, remind yourself today.

Either way this is a cathartic process to go through but it will take
some thought and some effort.




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