Take the opportunity today to feel abundant by giving to someone who has less than you.


Neale Donald Walsch said in one of his books that the quickest way to
feel a certain way was to enable someone else to feel that way.
So, you want to feel more abundant? Your instinct tells you that you
want to get more for ‘you’, right? Well, that works some of the time
for sure, but, if you want to feel it immediately, try the guide. Give
a homeless person all the change in your pocket and you’ll probably be
giving him more than he has already. Your change means a hell of a lot
more to him than it does to you. You will feel truly abundant by that
person’s reaction to your gift. If giving money makes you feel
uncomfortable then go buy them a sandwhich and a hot drink – the value
is the same.
If not a homeless person then a neighbour or friend or even family
member – give them something that they will value and you will feel
incredibly wealthy.
Be careful though – this feeling can become addictive! 😉




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