Take the opportunity today to forgive yourself of something.


Some of us are holding on to issues that barely bubble below the
surface – they’re about to burst through at any given moment. The
right catalyst is all that’s needed – the wrong phrase said at the
wrong time by the wrong person can be all it needs to pour out.

Usually as anger, often in tears but there are as many ways for it to
manifest as there are people on the planet.

Some of these issues are deeper and they vary in intensity but make no
mistake, we all have them. Try and identify one of them, start with
something pretty small, something that bugs you from time to time but
doesn’t dog your life on a daily basis. Think about the issue.
Remember how old you were at the time it happened, remember the
circumstances that were present. Feel the guilt, then let it go. I
know, easier said than done right? Try again, remember as much detail
about that issue as you can, feel the guilt that has plagued you since
then – then realise that that person isn’t you. It ‘was’ you, but it
isn’t you anymore. Realise that you have moved on since then, you are
different, you wouldn’t act that way again, you wouldn’t say those things
if you were in the same situation now.

We all did stupid, inconsiderate, hurtful things when we were younger,
and younger could just mean yesterday, but every day we get the
opportunity to change. If you have changed and you can honestly say
you would do things differently today then you can forgive your
younger self. You might need to go through this process a few times
before the guilt goes – or it might disappear immediately. Either way,
once you succeed one time, try it again and again with all of your
guilty baggage. I promise, you will start to feel a whole lot lighter!


If you struggle to forgive – ask yourself questions like:
What will I gain for NOT forgiving… [you fill in the blank]?
Then ask:
What will I gain BY forgiving… [you fill in the blank]?

Good luck



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