Take the opportunity today to give yourself permission for something. You know what it is.


We’ve all got things lurking in the back of our mind that we’d like to
do but feel we shouldn’t or couldn’t. These feelings are usually
manifestations of guilt or inferiority. The list of what these things
could be is infinite but here are a few examples:

A. You want a promotion at work, but it would mean being the boss of
some of your colleagues and you’re worried they will behave
differently towards you; or,

B. You’d love to play in a band but learning an instrument at your age
would be embarrassing and really difficult; or,

C. You’d feel great driving a flash sports car for a while but you
think it’s egotistical; or,

D. You want to stop doing something you feel you are made to do but
you think people will regard you as selfish;
etc. etc.

Figured out what it is for you yet? Give it some thought – then give
yourself permission. You will feel invigorated and empowered. Remember
though, other people’s reactions just need to be accepted, use your
intuition to decide whether they have any merit.




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