Take the opportunity today to inspire someone.


I started a blog a while back with the direct purpose of trying to
inspire people. I didn’t know how I’d do it – I just knew I wanted to.
Well it didn’t take long for me to start finding things to share that
I thought were inspiring; videos, articles, quotes, other blogs – all
contributed to my own blog. I found these inspired me to come up with
my own posts that hopefully people found inspiring.

Any time I received a comment either on the blog or via email I felt a
rush of enjoyment. When something I said or found and shared inspired
someone else I felt great. Helping others is just about the best way
to feel good about yourself, so be selfish and help others as much as
you can, whenever you can. Inspiring others will be an inspiring
endeavour for yourself.

To visit my other blog go to: www.conversations-with-blog.blogspot.com




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