Take the opportunity today to write down 10 things you like about your body.


To be honest I’m not one to dwell on my body shape although there are
certain things about my physique that I’d like to improve, and I could
certainly be fitter. But for a lot of people the sight of their own
naked body fills them with shame. What a shame. This is the only
vehicle we get to travel in through this life so let’s appreciate it.
You may be riding in a Rolls Royce or a clapped out old banger but if
it’s still getting you from A to B then thank it. Be grateful for it.

From time to time it might break down and need some expert attention
but in the meantime spend some time making it as comfortable as
possible to travel in, give it what it needs to run as smooth as
possible and give it a thorough spring clean every now and then. It’s
the only one you have so look after it. Imagine for a moment if you
knew that your present car was the last you’d have and public
transport was being fazed out. Bikes have been banned. That car is
your ONLY mode of transport from now on – would you look after it

Now stand back and take a good look. If it was your car and you had to
think of 10 things you liked you might start with – it’s got a good
sound system, or at least 3 good tyres, or it’s a nice colour, or it
handles pretty good. You get the idea, now use that analogy on




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