Take the opportunity today to be kind to a stranger – anonymously.


If you’re lucky you’ll get to see their reaction. This is a task that
when undertaken can really show us that altruism has it’s own rewards.
You WILL feel good doing something for someone else. The idea of doing
it anonymously is to take your ego out of the equation. It’s simple to
help someone when you get praise for it but more difficult if you will
not be recognised for your actions.
Maybe you’ve completed a task at work that someone else took the
credit for – smarts a bit doesn’t it?
Well in this instance you are consciously making the decision to NOT
be recognised for your actions. This way you only have the knowledge
yourself that you helped someone. This will give you a bit of a buzz
that when repeated over and over will grow. You could become addicted
to helping people – wow, wouldn’t that be great!

One note: be sure that you’re helping and not interfering – it’s a
fine line sometimes. This one does take a bit of thought and you might
not get the opportunity today, but keep it in your mind for the day
and I’m sure you’ll figure out a way.  Putting some money in a charity
collector or donating some things to a charity shop are the simplest
ways of being kind anonymously that I can think of but there are as
many ways as there are people. Leaving a note on someone’s windscreen
that their back tyre looks a little flat could be another.

Good luck.




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