Take the opportunity today to try something you think you can’t do.


How many conversations do you remember where you said that you
couldn’t do something? You know the ones… ‘Oh, I’m terrible at
remembering names…’ or, ‘I’m useless at DIY…’ or, ‘Maths was never
my strong point…’ – you get the picture.
These statements aren’t so much a statement of fact or truth but
rather a statement of what we don’t like to do because we find it
difficult. It takes too much thinking. Way too much effort. You could
say these examples we use are outside of our comfort zone.

The thing is, the only way to push ourselves is to do the thing that we find
difficult. That’s one way in which we can grow. You’ll probably find
that most of those things aren’t so difficult after all – it’s just
that you’ve got into the habit of ‘not’ doing them. Do them, see how
rewarding it is to actually be able to fix that shelf or solve that
problem or improve that memory. That will then spur you on to have a
go at more and more things that previously you thought you couldn’t
In actual fact there’s nothing that you can’t do, only those things
you choose not to do.

Go on – you’ll surprise yourself.




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3 responses to “Take the opportunity today to try something you think you can’t do.

  1. Loving the new site Stu! Blessings 🙂

  2. stuartart

    Thanks Julianne – loving the brunette You! 🙂

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