Take the opportunity today to look through some of your old photos.


Since photography was invented the miracle of capturing a moment in
time touched people deep inside. The possibility of being visually
taken back to a memory became priceless. Soldiers went to battle with
a picture of their loved ones – the most valuable item they owned at
that moment. Those photos defined them. The fallen enemy soldiers
wallets would contain the same cherished images.

We all love the photos we own even though we’re in the film age, even though it’s so easy to look back at videos – photos retain their intrinsic value.

Once you have a photo you don’t need any device to play them on. You
just need eyes to see.
Replay some of those old memories, beautiful heartfelt moments, funny
laugh out loud moments, deep and meaningful moments. Reconnect with
who you are and what has shaped you through the miracle of your old




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2 responses to “Take the opportunity today to look through some of your old photos.

  1. I like this some times looking back at a picture makes you think what happened to all those goals that you were thinking…..

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